The medical equipment company AFARMED

Exclusive Representation

of ACCUNIQ body composition in Iran

The body composition analyzers produced by Selvas Healthcare in South Korea are among the most advanced body analyzers currently available worldwide.

These devices have the capability to analyze human body composition comprehensively and segmentally. It also provides specialized analysis for children along with growth charts.

These devices, which are CE and FDA certified, provide more accurate results in a short period of time by employing innovative BIA technology methods.

AFARMED Company has been the sole official and legal representative of ACCUNIQ Company in Iran since 2023.

All responsibilities regarding sales, warranty, and after-sales services of this product in Iran lie with AFARMED Company.

AFARMED Company has years of experience in selling medical equipment in Iran.



Accurate + Unique

The international company SELVAS Healthcare (formerly known as Jawon) was founded in South Korea in 1993. The ACCUNIQ body compositions, manufactured by this company, combine the most advanced technologies available to provide accurate and reliable results.
This company is the result of the merger of two other companies, Jawon and HIMS International, in 2016. In the past, "Jawon" company has introduced body compositions under the brands "ioi" and "X-Contact" to the global market. Now, it is launching its newest versions of devices under the name "ACCUNIQ" worldwide.

ABUNDANT Selvas Healthcare
DIVERSE Selvas Healthcare

The story behind choosing the name SELVAS:

The name SELVAS is inspired by the rainforests of the Amazon in South America. Due to the heavy and dense rainfall, the entire area is covered with 70-meter tall palm trees, accompanied by gigantic 10-meter leaves!

SELVAS symbolizes a wide range of services and fresh experiences, just like the excitement of living in rainforests.

VITALITY Selvas Healthcare

Inspired by this philosophy, the company undertakes various challenges to achieve success, portraying the path of growth and flourishing with the vibrant color of green (life).